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ATSF 90 assumed to be 90L, retired 03/63 ERIE-A L10991178360
MILW 5 trade in to EMD 1963 ERIE-A L10631224070
MILW 6A   ERIE-A L1066145870
MILW 10A   ERIE-A L10651168387
MILW 12A blt as # 8C, re# to 12A ERIE-A L1074145871
MILW 13B   ERIE-A L1120141624
MILW 21A re# to 13A ERIE-A L11192153892
MILW 22A   ERIE-A L1102145883
PRR 9456 PRR Class FF-20 ERIE-A L11082226440
PRR 9466 PRR Class FF-20; Toledo, OH. ERIE-A L11301237087
PRR 9468 PRR Class FF-20 ERIE-A L11324218983
PRR 9469 PRR Class FF-20; Hollidaysburg, PA. ERIE-A L11333218984
PRR 9471 PRR Class FF-20; Detroit, MI. ERIE-A L11351237214
PRR 9473 PRR Class FF-20; Orangeville, MD. ERIE-A L11411235445
PRR 9476 PRR Class FF-20; Enola, PA. ERIE-A L11501233871
PRR 9477 PRR Class FP-20A; Englewood, IL. ERIE-A L11511236555
PRR 9483 PRR Class FF-20; Altoona, PA. ERIE-A L11611234141
PRR 9487 PRR Class FF-20; Toledo, OH. ERIE-A L11651234142
RAMX B ex-PRR Erie B ERIE-A  1175782
UP 985A re# 703 in 3/48, retired in 1961 ERIE-A L11181172737

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