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NdeM 5902 RSD35 RSD39 84491281721
NdeM 5904 RSD35 RSD39 844931131541
USG 111 Blt for WPY. Stored, sold to USG. RSD39 M6123-013215990
USG 112 Bombardier DL-535E(W), ordered by WPY, delivered to USG RSD39 M6123-0225122735
WPY 114 Model: DL535EW RSD39 M6123-041213293
WPYR 101 DL-535E RSD39 M6023-012147424
WPYR 103 DL-535E RSD39 M6023-032647425
WPYR 104 DL-535E RSD39 M6023-043347426
WPYR 106 DL-535E RSD39 M6023-061647427
WPYR 107 DL-535E RSD39 M6023-073647428
WPYR 108 Actually RSD35 or DL535E RSD39 M6054-0136104887
WPYR 109 Actually RSD35 or DL535E RSD39 M6054-025082922
WPYR 110 Actually RSD35 or DL535E RSD39 M6054-034083190
WPYR 112 Bombardier DL535E(W) RSD39 M6123-022116529
WPYR 113 Bombardier DL535E(W) RSD39 M6123-031151083
WPYR 114 Bombardier DL 535W RSD39 M6123-0421119699

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