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DME 6050 Ex-UP, "Colony, Wy" SD40-3 3143114147875
DME 6051 Ex-MP "City of Sturgis" SD40-3 3572616053697
DME 6052 Ex-UP 3092, "City of Crawford" SD40-3 3764817110054
DME 6053 Ex-MP "City of Whitewood" SD40-3 357404010055
DME 6054 Ex-UP "City of Belle Fourche" SD40-3 3790617810056
DME 6055 Ex-B&O "City of Chadron" SD40-3 3317014931533
DME 6057   SD40-3 368161204870
DME 6065 ex-PC SD40-3 369171142979
DME 6068 Ex-CP 'Joe Chulick' SD40-3 A213416748776
DME 6069 Ex-CP "City of Miller" SD40-3 A214622944485
DME 6070 Rebuilt from SD40, Ex-CP "City of De Smet" SD40-3 A215015249165
DME 6071 Ex-CP "City of Ft. Pierre" SD40-3 A215314456056
DME 6072 Ex-CP SD40-3 A218216542178
DME 6073 Ex-CP SD40-3 A21909870918
DME 6074 Ex-CP SD40-3 A21946456057
DME 6075 Ex-CP SD40-3 A219913059880
DME 6076 Ex-CP SD40-3 A220211559530
DME 6077 Ex-CP "Don Cook" SD40-3 A22062369375
DME 6078 Ex-CP SD40-3 A220713162490
DME 6079 Ex-CP SD40-3 A22082556058
DME 6080 Ex-CP "City of Tracy" SD40-3 A214110754544
DME 6081 Ex-CP SD40-3 A214712263725
DME 6082 Ex-CP "City of Lake Preston" SD40-3 A21588850904
DME 6083 Ex-CP "City of Rapid City" SD40-3 A213620553959
DME 6084 Ex-CP SD40-3 A22049814073
DME 6085 Ex-QNSL SD40-3 A254313450905
DME 6086 Ex-QNSL SD40-3 A254411252389
DME 6087 Ex-QNSL SD40-3 A255217656059
DME 6088 Ex-QNSL SD40-3 A233318742181
DME 6089 Ex-CP SD40-3 A217813054543
DME 6090 Ex-QNSL "City of Philip" SD40-3 A254824753701
DME 6091 Ex-CP SD40-3 A214214253703
DME 6092 Ex-CP SD40-3 A216112644488
DME 6093 Ex-CP SD40-3 A216312352391
DME 6094 Ex-CP SD40-3 A219327253236
DME 6095 Ex-CP SD40-3 A220113653441
DME 6096 Ex-CP SD40-3 3477811353321
DME 6097 Ex-CP, "City of Waseca" SD40-3 A398114842182

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