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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
ATSF  Covered Hopper      1
ATSF  Box Car      1
ATSF "HAKATAI" Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF ad Other/Not Listed     ad from Nat'l Geographic18
ATSF Atchison Business Car M530 PS    1
ATSF baggage Baggage Car M510 PB    1
ATSF Blue_Ridge Passenger Car M500 PA   P-S 10-3-2 sleeper1
ATSF buildings Other/Not Listed     AT&SF Offices and other buildings14
ATSF Chico Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF Coachyard Other/Not Listed     1939 aerial of Chicago coach yard1
ATSF Coconino Passenger Car M500 PA   "Coconino" blt 19381
ATSF combine Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF crane MofW Equipment      1
ATSF Denehotso Passenger Car M500 PA    5
ATSF Diablo-Canyo Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF dome Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF Epicuros Diner M520 PD    1
ATSF Epicurus Diner M520 PD    9
ATSF examine Other/Not Listed      1
ATSF food Other/Not Listed     Fred Harvey Food Service card1
ATSF Gallup Other/Not Listed     Gallup, NM deopt platform0
ATSF HarveyHouse Other/Not Listed      3
ATSF KS Caboose M930 NEKS  This was buit in Feb 19480
ATSF Map Other/Not Listed     map of Illinois and Missouri6
ATSF Navajo Passenger Car M500 PA   1DB-3C-2DR sleeper lounge observation, original SUPER CHIEF, Budd, 193721
ATSF observation Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF Picuris Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF Pine Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF Pine_Mesa Passenger Car M500 PA   Sleeper Budd blt Feb 19501
ATSF Plaza Passenger Car M500 PA   Plaza Santa Fe2
ATSF Pleasant Passenger Car M500 PA   6-6-4 PS Sleeping Car "Pleasant Valley"3
ATSF Regal Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF roundhouse Other/Not Listed     roundhouse photos1
ATSF station Other/Not Listed     station and depot buildings196
ATSF TAOS Baggage Car M510 PB    6
ATSF timetable Other/Not Listed     timetables44
ATSF tower Other/Not Listed     tower buildings5
ATSF tug Other/Not Listed     tug boat1
ATSF turntable Other/Not Listed     turntable photos4
ATSF Vista-Canyon Passenger Car M500 PA   Private Owner1
ATSF 1 Baggage Car     Exhibition Car2
ATSF 4 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 10 Passenger Car M500 PA   FORMER business car 101
ATSF 17 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex 9098
ATSF 23 Other/Not Listed      1
ATSF 26 Other/Not Listed      1
ATSF 30 Business Car M530 PS   Pullman, Lot #4530, 1918/69, to camera car #30/#5009/#73/damaged/Kansas City RR Museum/Western Railroaders Hall of Fame & Museum R1
ATSF 30 Other/Not Listed     rebuilt from F7B 3132 12/691
ATSF 32 Business Car M530 PS   See description on photo3
ATSF 33 Business Car M530 PS    6
ATSF 34 Business Car M530 PS    1
ATSF 35 Business Car M530 PS   Pullman, 1924, modernized as #57, to private ownership #800182/PNWR #35 CASPER MOUNTAIN1
ATSF 36 MofW Equipment      5
ATSF 36 Passenger Car PA    5
ATSF 37 Passenger Car M500 PA   CHICO67
ATSF 50 Business Car M530 PS   nee-ATSF 5003, Budd 19574
ATSF 51 Business Car M530 PS   TOPEKA, Budd, Lot #9664-186, 1957, ex-#500210
ATSF 52 Business Car M500 PA   ATCHISON4
ATSF 53 Business Car M530 PS   MOUNTAINAIR, P-S, 1949, ex-#5004, nee-U.S. Steel LAUREL RIDGE, to BNSF #8 JOHN S. REED/#8005673
ATSF 54 Business Car M500 PA    4
ATSF 56 Business Car M530 PS F+ PPCX 800156. 1923 Pullman Nee ATSF 34 business car, assigned to the Vice President of Operations. 1966 reassigned to the General M27
ATSF 57 RPO M510 PB    8
ATSF 57 Business Car M530 PS   Ex-#35, Pullman, 1924, to private ownership #800182/PNWR #35 CASPER MOUNTAIN1
ATSF 58 Business Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 60 RPO M500 PA    2
ATSF 60 Business Car M500 PA   Full Dome Lounge, ex-#506, Budd, 1954, to BNSF #31 BAY VIEW/#8006383
ATSF 61 Diner M520 PD   36 seat diner, ex-#6002
ATSF 62 Business Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 63 Business Car M500 PA   REGAL CREST, 4DB-4C-2DR sleeper, ex-#1810, AC&F, 1950, to BNSF #81/#8007242
ATSF 63 MofW Equipment M500 PA   Crane1
ATSF 65 Business Car M500 PA   REGAL LANE, 4DB-4C-2DR sleeper, ex-#1823, AC&F, 1950, to BNSF #65 RATON PASS/#8006625
ATSF 68 Passenger Car M500 PA   REGAL SPA, 4DB-4C-2DR sleeper, ex-#1831, AC&F, 1950, to BNSF #68 ROLLINS PASS/#8006641
ATSF 73 Business Car M530 PS   Camera car, ex-#5009, exx-#30, nee-business car #30, Pullman, Lot #4530, 1918/69, damaged, to Kansas City Railroad Museum/Western 1
ATSF 76 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 77 Baggage Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 85 Business Car M500 PA   TRACK GEOMETRY CAR3
ATSF 88 Business Car M530 PS    6
ATSF 89 Business Car M500 PA   TRACK INSPECTION CAR, ex-#13976
ATSF 104 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 131 Passenger Car M500 PA   LW steam generator car rblt. from baggage - express 3927.1
ATSF 148 MofW Equipment      1
ATSF 300 MofW Equipment      2
ATSF 404 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 405 Business Car M530 PS    4
ATSF 406 Passenger Car M500 PA   60 fot heavyweaight open end observation car7
ATSF 407 Passenger Car M500 PA   60' Division Superintendent Car1
ATSF 449 Passenger Car M500 PAunknown  ex-SP interurban car1
ATSF 501 MofW Equipment     Speeder5
ATSF 501 Passenger Car M500 PA   Dome/lounge1
ATSF 502 Passenger Car M500 PA    8
ATSF 503 Passenger Car M500 PADome  Plaza Santa Fe14
ATSF 504 Passenger Car M500 PA   "Plaza Taos"9
ATSF 505 Passenger Car M500 PA    2
ATSF 506 Passenger Car M500 PA   Full Dome, Budd, 1954, to #60/BNSF #31 BAY VIEW/#8006382
ATSF 507 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
ATSF 508 Passenger Car M500 PADome car   1
ATSF 509 Passenger Car M500 PA   "Chena", full dome, to AT 5211
ATSF 510 Passenger Car M500 PA   Budd full dome2
ATSF 511 Passenger Car M500 PA   Full Dome, Budd, 1954, to AT #523/GWT/WTMC #800124 NENANA/SLRG #511 SCENIC VIEW2

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