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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
UP 903001 Passenger Car M500 PA   Dynamometer, ex-BALSAM FIR, 10S-1DR-1C sleeper, Pullman, 1930, to mobile lab, now UPP #2101
UP 903003 Caboose M930 NECA-4  MOW Service - Ex UP 251731
UP 903004 Scale Test Car M350 MS   Scale test car9
UP 903005 MofW Equipment  MW  ex-UP CA-5 252833
UP 903005 Scale Test Car M350 MS   Scale test car10
UP 903006 Scale Test Car M350 MS    9
UP 903009 Flat Car M150 MWF B Load Limit: 1567002
UP 903010 Box Car      1
UP 903011 Caboose M930 NE   MOW1
UP 903014 Caboose M930 NE   ex UP 256733
UP 903015 Caboose M930 NE   MW sold to INPR3
UP 903019 MofW Equipment     Tender1
UP 903020 MofW Equipment     Jordan Spreader7
UP 903021 MofW Equipment      4
UP 903022 MofW Equipment     Jordan Spreader3
UP 903023 MofW Equipment     Jordan Spreader6
UP 903024 Scale Test Car M350 MS C Built from tankcar, Ld Lmt 238.0, Lt Wt 64.411
UP 903025 Scale Test Car M350 MS C Built from tankcar7
UP 903027 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB C Load Limit: 1935001
UP 903028 Other/Not Listed M510 PB G  4
UP 903028 Tank Car M510   G Stored at Cheyenne, WY2
UP 903029 Other/Not Listed M510 PB   GTEL Tender13
UP 903032 Snow Plow M310 MWK   Jordan Spreader1
UP 903032 MofW Equipment      3
UP 903035 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B3927Load Limit: 1540001
UP 903036 Scale Test Car M350 MSG-70-6C Built from gondola1
UP 903036MW Scale Test Car M350 MS   198,900 #, Assigned Hinkle Yard*OR, blt 12-622
UP 903037 MofW Equipment     Scale Monitoring Car14
UP 903037 Scale Test Car M350 MS C Built from tankcar8
UP 903038 Scale Test Car MS C Built from tanker6
UP 903038 MofW Equipment     Scale Monitoring "Tank" Car2
UP 903039 MofW Equipment      4
UP 903039 Caboose M930 NECA-5  MOW Service - Ex UP 252101
UP 903039 Scale Test Car MS C Built from tankcar8
UP 903040 Scale Test Car M350 MS B24083 4
UP 903041 Scale Test Car M350 MS B  5
UP 903042 Scale Test Car M350 MS    1
UP 903043 MofW Equipment     Bucyrus Erie wrecker crane1
UP 903045 MofW Equipment      1
UP 903046 MofW Equipment      1
UP 903047 MofW Equipment     Crane2
UP 903050 MofW Equipment     "Big Hook"/Crane4
UP 903052 MofW Equipment     MWC11
UP 903053 MofW Equipment     Crane14
UP 903054 MofW Equipment M250 MWW   OHIO Crane2
UP 903054 Ballast Hopper M250 MWW G Crane blt 7/572
UP 903060 MofW Equipment     Ohio Crane11
UP 903063 MofW Equipment     Ohio Crane3
UP 903065 MofW Equipment     Wellman MoW rail crain4
UP 903067 MofW Equipment     Wellman Crane6
UP 903069 MofW Equipment     Crane3
UP 903071 MofW Equipment     pile driver1
UP 903073 MofW Equipment      4
UP 903074 MofW Equipment     crane1
UP 903076 MofW Equipment     Ohio Crane11
UP 903077 MofW Equipment      3
UP 903080 MofW Equipment     Ohio Crane9
UP 903082 MofW Equipment      2
UP 903085 Gondola M110 MWB B MW Gondola1
UP 903087 Gondola M150 MWF C  2
UP 903087 Flat Car M150 MWF B Load Limit: 1433002
UP 903099 MofW Equipment      1

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