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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
SP ? Caboose M930 NE   Too much vandalism to see number.1
SP ad Other/Not Listed     print ads from Nat'l Geographic7
SP AmberTrail Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP Box Box Car     Number covered in Graffiti3
SP Business Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP caboose Caboose M930 NE    2
SP CahillRndhse Other/Not Listed      1
SP Coach Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP Coaches Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP CommuterTrai Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP CommuterTrai Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP EngFacilityS Other/Not Listed      1
SP HarrimanCoac Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP HighWideDete Other/Not Listed      1
SP Hy-Cube Box Car      1
SP JumperStand Other/Not Listed      1
SP Logo Other/Not Listed     SP Logo 1
SP map Other/Not Listed     maps1
SP Marker Other/Not Listed     Promontory1
SP MoWCrewCars MofW Equipment      1
SP MW MofW Equipment      1
SP observation Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP other Other/Not Listed     Wooden trestle1
SP Pecos Passenger Car M500 PA   Platform Observation; blt 19261
SP Pullman Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP RailGrinder MofW Equipment      1
SP Scene Other/Not Listed      1
SP sleeper Passenger Car M500 PAsleeper   1
SP Stanislaus Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP station Other/Not Listed  type #22  station and depot photos57
SP timetable Other/Not Listed     timetables9
SP tower Other/Not Listed     tower and interlocking buildings8
SP Vert-A-Pac Autorack      1
SP xxxxx Caboose M930 NE    2
SP YardPhoenix Other/Not Listed      1
SP 1 Caboose M930 NE    4
SP 5 Box Car      1
SP 6 Box Car      1
SP 6 Flat Car     MOW Car with CAT Load1
SP 7 Box Car      1
SP 15 Box Car      1
SP 16thStreetSt Other/Not Listed      1
SP 16thStreetTo Other/Not Listed      1
SP 17 Box Car      2
SP 45 Box Car      1
SP 56 RPO M510 PB    1
SP 65 Stock Car M510 PB    1
SP 65 Baggage Car M510 PB    1
SP 67 Box Car      1
SP 83 Box Car      1
SP 85 Caboose M930 NE   Wood side, coupla caboose2
SP 90 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP 99 Business Car M530 PS   Pullman 19264
SP 100 Business Car M530 PS   "Airslie"8
SP 101 Caboose M930 NE   On display next to the restored San Luis Obispo freight house2
SP 102 Passenger Car M500 PA   Class Room Car1
SP 106 Business Car M530 PS   A right12
SP 107 Business Car M500 PA   office car Del Monte1
SP 110 Business Car M530 PS   "Los Angeles" 4
SP 112 Business Car M500 PA    1
SP 115 Business Car M530 PS    1
SP 117 Business Car M530 PS   Tuscon3
SP 125 Caboose M930 NE   Special Safety paint4
SP 127 Business Car M500 PA   office car ALAMO2
SP 128 Business Car M530 PS   SANTA ROSA, ex-EP&SW #500, Pullman, 19171
SP 131 Business Car M530 PS   "Sacramento" Pullman 19261
SP 132 Business Car PA    1
SP 132 Box Car      2
SP 133 Business Car M500 PA   office car Guadalupe1
SP 137 MofW Equipment     Dynamometer Car1
SP 140 Business Car M530 PS    13
SP 141 Business Car M530 PS    4
SP 142 Business Car M530 PS   Static Display - Santa Barbara, CA8
SP 145 Tank Car     narrow gauge2
SP 150 Business Car M530 PS    5
SP 151 Business Car M500 PA   PINE BLUFF AKA SP 1511
SP 159 Caboose M930 NE    2
SP 166 Stock Car      2
SP 173 Caboose M930 NE    1
SP 181 Caboose M930 NE    1
SP 195? Caboose M930 NE    1
SP 202 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
SP 205 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
SP MW205 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
SP 206 Snow Plow M310 MWK    3
SP 207 Snow Plow M310 MWK    2
SP 208 Snow Plow M310 MWK    2
SP 209 Snow Plow M310 MWK    3
SP MW209 Snow Plow M310 MWK   Ex-SP 706 - built in 19292
SP MW210 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
SP 211 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
SP MW211 Snow Plow M310 MWK   Ex SP 72113
SP 221 Snow Plow M310 MWK    3
SP MW221 Snow Plow M310 MWK    1
SP 222 Snow Plow M310 MWK    3
SP 248 Box Car   C  1
SP 250 Passenger Car M500 PA   Police Car; ex-SP 31042
SP 258 Caboose M930 NE    1
SP 261 Other/Not Listed     Air Repeater Car2
SP 263 MofW Equipment     "REHEATER CAR"1

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